• 4hp
  • ADSR pot controls
  • Manual gate momentary switch
  • CV Inputs: Gate
  • CV Outputs: 2x envelope out, 1x inverted envelope out

The GS1-E is a simple CV envelope generator. Based on the design used in the Roland System 100M, this envelope would be classed as “fast” or fairly “snappy”.

The module provides pots for the usual Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release phases of the envelope which can be triggered either using the manual gate momentary push button, or more normally via the CV Gate input.

The module provides two copies of the envelope as outputs, these are both identical, and a third inverted copy of the envelope.

A fairly simple utility module to combine with your other GS series 1 system.

The DIY partial kit includes the needed ICs and transistors. If you want to adjust the ‘speed’ of the envelope you can try reducing the capacitance of the tantalum capacitor, maybe down to 1uF or 2.2uF from the default 3.3uF. Similarly if you are after a slower envelope you could increase up higher or use an electrolytic.

Images to follow

GS Series 1

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