Ge0synchronous Synth started out of a desire to add the unique 303 ‘not quite square’ wave as a voice to a Eurorack modular synth.

Having built quite a few replica 303 in the form of the dinsync RE-303 we had accumulated a stupid amount of New Old Stock (NOS) transistors and ICs that are used in a lot of 80’s synths. We figured mapping the voice parts of the 303 to euro modules would not only add some different modules to the rack, but also use up some of those spare parts.

Things kind of snowballed from there, interest was shown, and currently we am working to get some partial DIY kits available to the community. Watch this space.

PS. The ‘Ge0sync’ name and logo originated in 1994 when DJ’ing across Scotland at the Bravura events between 94 and 96.

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